Monthly Archive July 2019

Help Change Perception

Perception is Reality – HELP Change Perception

Recent research conducted by Fanshawe College found that 75% of people are aware of the Legion but of those who are aware, over 54% were NOT aware that the Legions are open to everyone.  Most people surveyed felt the Legions were just there for war vets and that you had to be a member to go to a Legion. Of greater concern is the fact that almost no one realized that the not-for-profit Legion branches provide one of the largest volunteer bases in the province. With over 400 branches in Ontario providing support to seniors, youth sports programs, raising funds, volunteering to help those in need, supporting local charities, helping local Veterans or simply offering a place to gather for fun and celebration, Legions provide essential services in their communities.  Please use the power of social media to help change the perception – let your family and friends know the truth about the Legions and encouraging them to get involved!

Supporting Local Community

Most people have no idea of the wonderful work that the Legion does in supporting their local community. The common perception is that the Legion is just for vets, members and old folks and that its purpose is to support vets. No one seems to know about the work being done for communities in terms of fund raising, charities, youth development, local business support, community activities and on and on. We need to start bragging about this wonderful work… is a CAUSE that will appeal to our younger generation and will motivate them to get involved with the Legion