Monthly Archive August 2019

Change – One Step at a Time

We believe that the path to rural economic growth can be through the local Legions!

However, based on research earlier this year with Fanshawe College, a large percent of people feel that the Legion is just no longer relevant to today’s market! So, the Legions will obviously need to make significant change towards modernization to align with the expectations of the younger generation.

We now need to reinvent the Legions! While change is difficult, meaningful change is only possible through collaboration and co-creation with the millennials.  And this is only possible through the effective use of digital social media in order to reach, connect and engage with them; in other words, a digital transformation and modernization

We are planning to leverage the power of a centralized digital marketing / social media platform for the Legions to engage with new markets; the urban millennials. Through empowerment, we will co-create a new culture for the Legions; a culture that will appeal to the younger generation and get them out to explore, discover and experience the Legions, support the Legions and by extension, small rural towns.  This must be the future; it will help drive sustainability allowing Legions to continue with its important work of supporting vets and local communities.