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Car & Motorcycle Show Delaware Legion

Sunday 2 Oct, 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., live music, prizes, food.

Pool Table Now Open – Everyone is Welcome

Bring your friends and family and play a game of pool.

Every Thursday is Wing Night – Everyone Welcome

Every Thursday is wing night at the Delaware Legion. Everyone is welcome. Dine in or take out. 1 pound of wings for only $11.50 plus tax. How many wings are in 1 lb? Best way to find out is to order a pound and count them after you have eaten them!

Tell Your Friends – Everyone is Welcome at the Legion

Tell all your friends about the great times to be had at the Legion. Next time you come to the Legion, bring a friend or bring the family.

Love for Veterans is in the air! Show some love to Veterans in your community.

An excellent and powerful message from Royal Canadian Legion National Headquarters. Lets leverage technology to spread the word, not just for the Delaware Legion, but all Legions!

Did You Know?

Everyone is now welcome at the Delaware Legion, a not-for-profit community hub that offers customers exciting events, live entertainment, fun activities, great food, very affordable drinks, a place to bring friends, meet new people, a place to call your own – with all the money going to local charities, seniors, youth development programs & activities, hospitals, health care as well as our vets. Bring your friends, stop by a Legion, any Legion, they would love to see you.

Making a Difference

All Legions provide ongoing support to their local community in terms of charities, youth development, hospitals, seniors, special needs, local fund raising and more. This is in addition to the support of the Vets. Let people know that everyone is welcome at the Legion. Their support does make a difference….enjoy the entertainment, the events, the many activities or just for a drink and some food; it all helps the Legion with their community support program.

Google for Nonprofits

TechSoup Canada finally approved our membership submission (Oct 2018) to have our Legion recognized as an eligible organization for their services. We now have access to 300+ donated and discounted technology products, such as Intuit QuickBooks, Microsoft Office Professional, Adobe Acrobat, Autodesk AutoCAD, Shopify and more.  We immediately made a submission to the Google for Nonprofits.  On 11 November we received the following note: “Congratulations and welcome to Google for Nonprofits. Royal Canadian Legion Branch 598 has been verified, and you’re ready to activate and use Google products”

We are now working through the process to activate many of the products that they offer such as;

  • G Suite for Nonprofits – Eliminate your IT costs and help your staff/volunteers work together more effectively for free with tools like Gmail and Drive.
  • Ad Grants – Raise awareness, attract donors and help people around the world. Receive up to $10,000 per month in Google Ads.
  • YouTube Nonprofit Program – Tell the story of your organization work through video and enable Link Anywhere cards for your cause.
  • One Today – Simplify giving and matching with a streamlined mobile experience that engages donors across social media platforms.
  • Google Maps Platform – Receive credits to enhance your organization’s community or donor location data.

It is our goal to provide a digital experience that will engage new markets, new audiences and a younger demographic to help drive growth and long term sustainability for the Legions and small towns. 

Change – One Step at a Time

We believe that the path to rural economic growth can be through the local Legions!

However, based on research earlier this year with Fanshawe College, a large percent of people feel that the Legion is just no longer relevant to today’s market! So, the Legions will obviously need to make significant change towards modernization to align with the expectations of the younger generation.

We now need to reinvent the Legions! While change is difficult, meaningful change is only possible through collaboration and co-creation with the millennials.  And this is only possible through the effective use of digital social media in order to reach, connect and engage with them; in other words, a digital transformation and modernization

We are planning to leverage the power of a centralized digital marketing / social media platform for the Legions to engage with new markets; the urban millennials. Through empowerment, we will co-create a new culture for the Legions; a culture that will appeal to the younger generation and get them out to explore, discover and experience the Legions, support the Legions and by extension, small rural towns.  This must be the future; it will help drive sustainability allowing Legions to continue with its important work of supporting vets and local communities.

Help Change Perception

Perception is Reality – HELP Change Perception

Recent research conducted by Fanshawe College found that 75% of people are aware of the Legion but of those who are aware, over 54% were NOT aware that the Legions are open to everyone.  Most people surveyed felt the Legions were just there for war vets and that you had to be a member to go to a Legion. Of greater concern is the fact that almost no one realized that the not-for-profit Legion branches provide one of the largest volunteer bases in the province. With over 400 branches in Ontario providing support to seniors, youth sports programs, raising funds, volunteering to help those in need, supporting local charities, helping local Veterans or simply offering a place to gather for fun and celebration, Legions provide essential services in their communities.  Please use the power of social media to help change the perception – let your family and friends know the truth about the Legions and encouraging them to get involved!