What Can I Do to Help the Legion?

The Delaware Legion needs some help with the following…. 30 Nov – decorate branch for Christmas 11 Dec – COVID screening at door – collect cover for band 24 Dec – assist COVID screening at door 24 Dec – mega meat draw 1:30 to 4:30 24 Dec – Pot Luck Meal Contributions 29 Dec – put away Christmas decorations 31 Dec – decorate for New Years Eve party 31 Dec – take tickets at door 7 to 9 p.m. 1 Jan – clean up before Levee EVERY FRIDAY – help with weekly meat draw 22 Jan – COVID screening at door and collect cover for band 12 Feb – COVID screening at door and collect cover for band 16 Mar – decorate for St. Patrick’s Day 18 Mar – put away St. Patrick’s day decorations

What are the rules now that the Legion is reopening?

Effective 16 July 2021, the following guidelines will be in place for the reopening of the Legion.
1) contact tracking information will be gathered
2) masks are required indoors unless seated
3) social distancing precautions will be in place
4) tables will be 6ft apart, no limit on people per table
5) patrons are to be seated unless ordering, paying or using washrooms

What guidelines are in place for the Patio use?

Starting Friday 11 June 2021, the patio at the Delaware Legion will be open, from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. Thursday to Sunday. Come prepared for the weather, outdoor seating only, 4 people per table, tables will be socially distanced, in indoors to order or use washrooms a MASK is required.

How does the Legion support their local community?

The Legion is a not-for-profit business! It offers products and services to pull traffic to their facility to raise funds. All proceeds after operating cost are distributed to the community to support veterans, seniors, charities, youth development programs, community projects, children’ sports programs, school projects, health care, hospitals, community events, people in need. and the growth of our community. In many small towns, the Legion is the hub of the community, a gathering place for people of all ages, a building to meet, entertain and share stories (the local pub).

Where do I make my donations to help the Legion?

Any amount donated will be gratefully accepted by either mail or electronic transfer. Mail your cheque payable to RCL Branch 598 Delaware at P.O. Box 125, Delaware Ontario, N0L 1E0. Electronic transfer to rcldelaware@rogers.com. Please send an email in addition to your etransfer so that we have your name to go along with your email address. This way we know who to thank for your generous donation. Thank You for your continued support!

Can I make a DONATION to help the Legion with operating costs?

Absolutely. We are dealing with much higher operating expenses as a result of the pandemic and going forward our expenses are much higher as we now operate with pandemic protocols in place in accordance with provincial directives and public health guidelines. All this is to keep our patrons safe and healthy. Anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated. Our goal is to raise $10,000.00. Thank you very much for your interest in keeping the hub of Delaware going.

Are there any special requests from the Executive team?

We just want everyone to feel safe and secure while having fun being able to once again enjoy the friendly environment of the Delaware Legion. It is important to follow the guidelines that have been put in place. They are there to protect you. Also we appreciate the support of our members and patrons with keeping our space tidy and cared for!

Will we be able to play pool?

No, Not at this time. We will let you know when the restrictions ease somewhat so that people will be allowed to gather around the pool table for a friendly game.

What else should I know to ensure a safe experience?

The Delaware Legion has more staff scheduled for ongoing additional cleaning and sanitizing. Please consider bringing your own precautionary items such as a mask, hand sanitizer and sun protection if you will be sitting on the patio. Please keep your distance from others and keep within your own social circle of 10 people.

What measures will be in place for social distancing and protocols?

Access to the bar will be from the patio door – use hand sanitizer upon entering. Travel counter clockwise following signs/arrows, maintain social distance of 2 meters. Exit to patio through side door. Washrooms one person at a time and remember to wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds. Use hand sanitizer every time you enter the building.

What door should I use to enter the Legion now?

Upon your arrival, please enter the front door and register your name or group (up to 6 people) with the bar steward. The registration procedure will assist the Legion in managing to capacity guidelines.

Will the exciting promotions such as Catch the Ace and weekly meat draws be available

No, not for now. We will certainly let you know when these popular events are allowed to begin. Keep checking this website for updates.

COVID – what are the new hours of operation

Keep checking the “news” on home page for ongoing update to hours of operation. They will be changing frequently as conditions change

Why do we promote “we changed”….because we have!

Based on research the majority of people still believe that the great Legions are only open to Vets and Members. However, all Legions are now open to everyone so that all can take advantage of the great activities, events, entertainment and affordable drinks/meals that the Legions offer. Come on in anytime.

Is the Legion a Not-for-Profit – Where does the money go?

Yes, all Legions are Not-for-Profit organizations. Money raised from the bar & grill, entertainment, activities and so on are distributed to community youth, seniors, health care, charities, our vets, community activities and so on.

Do you need to be a member to go to the Legion?

No! Everyone is welcome to come to a Legion to enjoy the entertainment, events and a host of activities.